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Disability Seating

JetBlue offers seating accommodations for customers who are entitled to special seating assignments which include but are not limited to:

  • Customers who use an aisle chair or wheelchair to board
  • Customers who cannot transfer over a fixed armrest
  • Customers traveling with a safety assistant who will be assisting in the event of an emergency
  • Customers traveling with a personal care attendant who will be assisting during the flight
  • Customers traveling with a service animal
  • Customers traveling with a fused or immobilized leg

Limited Accessibility Seating

Please note that the following seats on our different aircraft types have fixed armrests with built-in tray tables:

  • E190 - Row 1
  • A320 - Row 1
  • All-core A321 - Row 1, row 10, and seat 23D
  • A321 with Mint – Row 6*, and seat 19D
    • *Row 6 is an emergency exit row.  All customers sitting in the exit row must be willing and able to meet the following emergency exit row seat requirements.

Due to the console, the following seats cannot be accessed by sliding into the seat:

  • A321 with Mint – 1A, 1F, 3A, 3F, 5A, 5F

Additionally, the suite door prevents the following seats from being accessed by sliding into the seat:

  • A321 with Mint – 2A, 2F, 4A, 4F

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